• Adobe Font Design
• 5 British Silver Quills
• Best Concept (2 yrs.)
• Best Publication
• Best Corp. Pub. (2 yrs.)
• CIS Font Design
• Best Sports Site Design

A Better Way

In this era of media crossing all boundaries from package design,
to interactive Internet e-commerce catalogs, AGS will save your company,
time, money, and worries. AGS can take idea from concept to reality and beyond.

AGS offers a one-stop graphic experience; illustration, design, printing,
signage, advertising, websites, clothing, large format printing, in-store
or trade show displays, photography, and opinions (consulting).

What makes AGS so special? How can AGS save me and my company,
time energy, and headaches, very easily.

We are not an agency!

Founded in 1972 under the name "Aartvark Design Studios," AGS is a group
of "freelance" designers, artist, illustrators and technicians that have served
in agencies, corporate America, art schools, and freelancing. Each has over
20 years working hand in hand with ad agencies, studios, corporations, editors,
print shop, schools, and mom and pop business. AGS knows the pitfalls,
speaks the language, and can deal with the pressure.

AGS offers any size business the same high end corporate "look"
no matter how big your business or budget for the same fair price.

If you have ever dealt with an agency, than you know how great it is to sit
on the other side of a huge walnut table with 6 or 7 attentive ad agency
employees writing down your every whim and desire. Who can forget
lunch after lunch with marketing managers, ad copy people, sales reps,
in those fancy restaurants? Guess who paid for it? You did!
Guess who did the work? We did!

AGS doesn't do meetings.

Most of our clients are located through North America, and the UK.
95% we have never met. They didn't hire us to be their friends,
they hired AGS to get the work done. With the Internet,
and e-service bureaus through the world, most projects
can be handled via the net and telephone.
Saving your company, time, money and calories.

AGS understands creative minds.

We know and understand corporate needs, and creative people's,
let's say attitude. We have been successfully bringing the two together since 1972.