Screenprinting Services

AGS offers a full line of clothing and promotion items for business, sports teams,
promotional give -away, family gatherings. Silk Screening, Transfer, Die Sublimation,
embroidery, is available on thousands of items including; T-shirts, Jackets, Hats,
Towels, Cool Wraps, anything you could possible need.

A T-shirt is, A temporary tattoo. A cotton canvas. A perambulating poster.
Trademark of Stanley Kowalski, John "Bowser" Bauman, Arthur Fonzerelli,
and the shadetree mechanic. It's universal weekend wear.
Something to throw on but never throw away. A cigarette pack holder.
A souvenir. A concert promotion, A gift. The Tuxedo of the South. A billboard.
A bib. A conviction. A wearable statement and a wardrobe staple.
Rebellious on James Dean, Peter Fonda, skate rats, and rock and rollers.
Conformist on fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, jocks, and plumbers.
It's a softball uniform. A cleaning outfit. A dust rag. A car polisher.
Typical garb of the Barcolounger-ridding-brew-slugging Monday Night Football buff.
Aqueous purveyor of mammiferous protuberances. It's an undershirt. An overshirt.
A nightie. A hand-me-down. One of 1,000 guaranteed fifth prizes. and the official
present to employees and friends at the A. Graphic Solution Volleyball Match
and Family Picnic this year.

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